Curriculum Aims:


  • To raise reading, writing and listening skills and to develop thinking, a esthetic and self-directed learning abilities.
  • To develop students’ interest in language learning and a regular revising behavior.
  • To develop students’ morality and strengthen students’ sense of responsibility to the society.
  • Through the process of learning and experiencing the development of Chinese culture, it can help students to build a sense of love in their country.
We aim to develop our next generation with independent and critical thinking skills along with a sense of creativity, problem solving and aesthetic abilities. Moreover, we hope our students will have the right set of moral values, experience on Chinese culture and ability to appreciate lifelong learning.
Subject Description:
  • To read a large volume of Chinese writings from different times and to recite a number of renowned ones.
  • To develop students’ communication and critical thinking abilities through language activities including debate, public speaking and recitation activity.
  • Junior forms: Reading, writing, listening papers with continuous and summative assessment s. To include reading performance on students’ transcript of studies.
  • F5: Continuous and summative assessment s and school based assessments.
Subject in Forms:
  • F1 – 6:  4 classes
Subject Teachers:

Miss Tse Shui Fan, Mr. Ching Siu Kee, Mr Wong Chun Yau, Mr. Chu Kai Cheung, Miss Wong Lai Ping, Miss Ho Ka Lai, Miss Lam Lai Yin, Miss Lee So Wah, Miss Choi Kit Ying, Miss Wu Xiayan