Chinese History
Curriculum Aims:
  • Though the understanding of ancient history and its effect on contemporary issues, students should be able to achieve a good sense of transformation in Chinese History.
  • Through the process of learning and experiencing the development of Chinese History, students can build a sense of responsibility and pride in their country and the history of various ethnic groups. Moreover, students should develop a decent character, a set of correct moral values and positive attitude towards the society.
  • Students learn critical thinking skills through organizing and integrating important facts in Chinese History.
Subject Content:
  • Historical facts
  • Reading skills
  • Ways to organize history materials
  • Language to express learning outcome
  • Continuous and regular assessment help students to learn in a diversified manner from the lower secondary level.
Subject in Forms:
  • We offer the Chinese History in F.1 to F.3. It is a compulsory subject.
  • We offer the Chinese History in F.4 to F.6. It is one of the elective subjects in The Hong Kong Diploma Secondary Education Examination.
Subject Teachers:
  • Mr Wong Pan
  • Ms Lam Lai Yin
  • Ms Wu Xiayan
  • Mr Li Yuen Cham
  • Ms Chan Man Lam