Curriculum Aims:

1. provide students with a body of essential knowledge, concepts and applications of information, communication and computer systems.

2. recognize the applications of Information Technology and the impacts on our society.

3. enhance the problem solving skills using Information Technology.

4. foster the interest in Information Technology.

5. nurture students with positive value and improve their information literacy.

Subject Description:

The curriculum in junior form is mainly to develop the students’ computer literacy and the interest in our subject. The content contains many practical works, through the project learning, students have great opportunity to express their creativity.

The curriculum in senior form focus on both the theoretical part and the practical part, it will integrate the theory and the application. It consists of the compulsory part and the elective part.

The compulsory part contains the basic knowledge of the Computer System and the applications of Information Technology in different areas.

The Elective part mainly consists of the multimedia production and the web authoring skills.

Apart from the main curriculum, we will encourage the students to attend different kind of computer courses and to join different kind of IT competitions.

Subject in Forms:

We offer the Computer and Information Technology in F.1 to F.3. It is a compulsory subject.

We offer the Information and Communication Technology in F.4 to F.6. It is one of the elective subjects in The Hong Kong Diploma Secondary Education Examination.

Subject Teachers:

Mr Chan Ka Chun, Mr Shiu Yau Kwong, Mr Suen Ho Kwan, Ms Chan Hiu Ting, Ms Lau Yik Tsz,
Ms Law Yuen Man, Mr Lau Kai Leong