Design and Technology
Curriculum Aims:

The major emphasis of Design and Technology is on the design and problem solving process. Th is syllabus aims at providing opportunities for independent learning through Design in practice, Technological Studies and Design Process so as to nurture their knowledge, skills, values and attitude in the disciplines.

Subject Description:

Students will be given the opportunities to handle problems in various technological contexts using problem solving approach. It helps every student to live and work in a technological world, and is anticipated that through developing a range of ideas and constructing product and system prototypes. The interactive use of hands and mind helps to develop both the mental abilities and physical skills of students. As a result, they would become autonomous and creative problem solvers.

Subject in Forms:

A time allocation of 2 periods (40 minutes each) per 2-cycle is implemented in form 1.

A time allocation of 2 periods (40 minutes each) per cycle is implemented in form 2.

Subject Teachers:

Mr. Lam Tad Shing