Curriculum Aims:

Economics helps students to understand the principles and forces that affect people in their everyday lives, in particular their roles as consumers and producers. The perspective it provides is also important in giving students a more comprehensive understanding of contemporary issues facing Hong Kong and the mainland, as well as of the interdependence among regions and countries. As Hong Kong is undergoing rapid economic changes, establishing closer links with the mainland and striving to remain competitive in the world economy, the study of economics is highly relevant and applicable to real-life situations.

The study of economics helps students to develop essential skills for “learning to learn”. The analytical approach of the subject enables students to learn to think logically. As students learn to apply theories and concepts to real-world issues, their problem-solving and critical thinking skills are enhanced. These skills are essential for life-long learning in a variety of fields of study, and for preparing to live in a knowledge-based society.

Students of Economics will also learn to master a variety of tools and skills for the effective communication of economic ideas and discussion of economic issues.

Subject Description:

Economics curriculum are to enable students to:

(a) develop an interest in exploring human behaviour and social issues through an economic perspective;

(b) understand the world in which they live through mastery of basic economic knowledge;

(c) enhance their general intellectual capacity for life-long learning, through developing their capacities in economic analysis, so that they possess the skills necessary for reasoning about issues and making rational choices; and

(d) participate as informed and responsible citizens in the decision-making processes of a modern democratic society.

Subject in Forms:

F4 , F5, F6

Subject Teachers:

Miss Hui Sin Sau