Curriculum Aims:

The overall curriculum aims of the Mathematics Education Key Learning Area are to develop in students:

  • the ability to think critically and creatively, to conceptualize, inquire and reason mathematically, and to use mathematics to formulate and solve problems in daily life as well as in mathematical contexts and other disciplines;
  • the ability to communicate with others and express their views clearly and logically in mathematical language;
  • the ability to manipulate numbers, symbols and other mathematical objects;
  • number sense, symbol sense, spatial sense, measurement sense and the capacity to appreciate structures and patterns;
  • a positive attitude towards mathematics learning and an appreciation of the aesthetic nature and cultural aspects of mathematics.
Subject in Forms:

All students, must study mathematics in junior forms (S1-S3). To cater for students who have different needs in senior forms (S4-S6), the curriculum comprises a Compulsory Part and an Extended Part. All students must study the Compulsory Part. The Extended Part has two optional modules, namely Module 1 (Calculus and Statistics) and Module 2 (Algebra and Calculus). The inclusion of the Extended Part is designed to provide more flexibility and diversity in the curriculum. The two modules in the Extended Part provide additional mathematics knowledge to the Compulsory Part. Students, based on their individual needs and interests, are encouraged to take at most one of the two modules.

Subject Teachers:

Chiu Wai Shun (Head), Lam Lai Him, Lai Shuk Yee, Leung Lai Fun, Chan Ka Chun,
Suen Ho Kwan, Chan Hiu Ting, Law Yuen Man, Lau Kai Leong, Kwan Tin Chung, Wong Chan Fai