Physical Education
Curriculum Aims:

PE helps students acquire the necessary skills, understanding and knowledge they need to participate successfully in physical activities both now and in the future.

  • Students develop analytical and evaluation skills by deciding how to improve the quality of their own and others' work.
  • This is essential in developing learners who are creative, resourceful and able to solve problems.
  • It also helps them to understand how they learn and how to set themselves targets based on their mistakes and successes.
By working in a variety of contexts on their own, in groups and in teams, students learn to work both independently and collaboratively.
Subject Description:

On top of regular P.E lessons, our school offers a wide array of sports events to students: Sports Day, School Anniversary Run and various kinds of inter-class and inter-house competitions. Our goal is to enable students to develop their potentials and train them to work in teams.

With school teams of various kinds of sports available, coupling with regular overseas school team exchanges, sports elites of our school’s can grow and shine in their areas of expertise and broaden their horizons.
Subject in Forms:

Time Allocation:
S1-S6:Double PE lessons per cycle.

Subject Teachers:

Boys : Mr. Chan Kin Wing
Girls : Ms. Tai Siu Yin