Visual Arts
Curriculum Aims:

  1. To develop students perceptual abilities, with special emphasis on visual, aesthetic and arts experience;
  2. To enable students to express personal feelings and thoughts through artistic presentations;
  3. To develop students visual cognition, generic skills through art making, appreciation and criticism;
  4. To broaden students perspectives through exploration of the arts of diverse cultures.
Subject Description:

Students are encouraged to participate in various visual arts competitions and activities. After-class programmes in visual arts are offered to students who show interests in them.

The visual arts department advocates the use of art to facilitate the personal growth of students. The visual arts lesson and art activities are expected to help student cope with their feelings and express themselves as a way of self-healing. It also helps strengthen their self-esteem and confidence.

Subject in Forms:

Junior Form (Compulsory)

Form 1: Art appreciation, Visual elements and principles, Chinese painting, Graphical communication, Craft, Cartoon & Illustration, Handbuilding ceramics, Expressive painting, Lithography & Serigraphy

Form 2: Drawing, Watercolour painting, Outdoor drawing, Graphic design, Decorative ceramics, Sculpture

Form 3: Chinese painting, Environmental & Spatial design, Functional ceramics, Painting, Relief & Intaglio, 3D design, Mixed media design, Portfolio building

Senior Form (HKDSE Elective Subject)

Form 4: Visual Presentation of a theme, Art History & Criticism, Advanced drawing and Painting, Installation Art & Conceptual Art

Form 5: Design studies, Graphic design, Product design, Fashion & Textile art, Photography, School based assessment (SBA)

F orm 6: Paper 1 Visual Presentation of a Theme orPaper 2 Design, School based assessment (SBA) , Contextual studies of art

Subject Teachers:

Mr. Kwong Kai Tak, Ms Choi Hiu Ying