Wong Siu Ching was situated near seashore
30 years ago.


The opening ceremony of Wong Siu Ching.

The founders of Wong Siu Ching.

The first batch of teachers at Wong Siu Ching.

The fifth swimming gala.

Wong Siu Ching stopped organising
swimming galas. No more swimming awards.

The cheerleader team hoisting a big poster at
Sports day.

The 15th anniversary and the establishment of the
Alumni Association

The second principal Mr Lee Man Pui and
the founding principal Mr Chan Shiu Ming.

In 1998, Wong Siu Ching employed the first
Native English Teacher.

The founding ceremony of the Parent and Teachers
Association in 1998.


All teachers gathered to tour the Chi Lin Nunnery.

The principal giving a speech at the 20th anniversary dinner

In 2000, Wong Siu Ching employed the second
Native English Teacher.

In 2001, the refurbishment of the school's exterior.

In 2003, School director Mr Chiu Chi Cheong retires

Mr Chiu Chi Hung taking up the position as the
school director

The 25th Anniversary at Tsuen Wan Town Hall

The new apperance of the Siu Ching Garden at
the 25th anniverary.

The first 'Thousand People Lunch'

School director give a speech after the
'Thousand People Lunch'

The current principal Mr Chung Fat Shing and the previous principal Mr Lee Man Piu.

A Brief History of POCAWSC Secondary School, 1979-2015



Takeover of the new school buildings by the School Board in mid-July.


Formal lessons begin with 6 classes of Form 1. Mr. Chan Shiu Ming is appointed Principal. There are 8 teachers, 1 laboratory assistant, 2 clerical and 3 minor staff. The salaries are $9,000-plus for the principal, $3,000-plus for graduate teachers and 2,000-plus for non-graduate teachers.



The first Parents’ Day


8 classes of Form 1, being the highest number of Form 1 classes in our school’s history, and 6 classes of Form 2 are opened with about 500 students in all. Teachers’Room A is not completely filled, while Room B serves as a place where the principal and teachers have lunch. The Hong Kong Family Welfare Association has stationed a social worker in school to provide counselling service once a week.


The First Athletic Meet is held at the Kwai Chung Sports Ground. Students and teachers participate enthusiastically in the event despite the small number of classes and students.


12th December

The Director of Education Mr. Kenneth Wallis Joseph Topleyofficiates at our school’s Open Day ceremony. Over 200 visitors attended the occasion.



Our school now has 24 classes of Forms 1 to 4, with over 900 students. The Form 4 students of this year are Form 3 graduates from other schools. The first Music Contest is held.



Our school participates in the Junior Secondary Education Assessment for the first time.


The first year of Form 5 classes.



The first batch of Form 5 students takes part in the HKCE Exam, with satisfactory results.


The First Swimming Gala.


According to the designated class structure, our 8 graduating Form 3 classes are reduced to 4 Form 4 classes, with half of our Form 3 students promoted to other schools.


The first year of Form 6, with one arts class and one science class. This has attracted many applicants from other schools.



The first year of Form 7.  Our school has grown to its full capacity with 30 classes in all in the ratio of 6ĄG6ĄG6ĄG4ĄG4ĄG2ĄG2 classes of Form 1 to Form 7. We have over 1,100 students and 50 teachers.

16th November

The First Graduation Ceremony takes place. The POCA celebrates its 80th Anniversary with a variety of activities for the whole school.



The first batch of Form 7 students sits for the HKAL Exam.


Putonghua is added to the Form 1 curriculum, making our school the first in Tsuen Wan to teach this subject. Computer Studies is added to the Form 4 HKCEE curriculum.

Our teachers participate in the First Hong Kong Teachers’Athletic Meet and the male teachers win the 4x400m championship.



The pass rate of our students in the HKCE Exam rises to 83.6%. Over 97.64% of our Form 3 students are allocated Form 4 places.

An Orientation Day for Form 1 parents and students is organized by our Counselling Team for the first time.

The first Form 7 graduate (Lim Loong Lu) to be admitted to the Medical School of the University of Hong Kong.



POCA funds the procurement of a new computer system for school administrative work, making the school one of the first schools to computerize school management.


The first batch of Form 6 students granted provisional acceptance to the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The school hall is closed for six months for the removal of asbestos.



Two additional classrooms adjacent to the Ground-floor Playground are opened for use.

The POCA installs an extra audio system to enhance training in English listening.

The school’s tests and exams system for Forms 1 - 4 is fixed, with one test and one exam for each term. This system has been in place ever since.



Form 7 student Leung Bunscores 4 distinctions and 1 credit in the HKAL Exam, the best so far in our school.

The POCA provides funds for greening and beautifying the school campus.


Our school celebrates its 10th Anniversary with an Open Day. The theme of exhibition is “Our Planet, Our Home”.



Form 5 student Li Chung Yinpasses the HKCE Exam with distinction in all 7 subjects, the best ever in our school. Another student obtains 6 distinctions and 2 credits, and three others score 5 distinctions.

As our students are making constant progress, the ED replaces our old pyramidal class structure of 6, 6, 6, 4, 4, 2, 2 classes respectively for Forms 1 to 7 (30 classes in total) with the symmetrical structure of 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 2, 2 classes (29 classes in all for Forms 1 – 7).



With the implementation of the aforesaid symmetrical class structure, there are only 5 classes of Form 1 students, all of whom will move up to Form 5, without being eliminated after Form 3.

Mr.Lee Man Piu and Mr. Ho Chou Pungare appointed to be Deputy Principals, two new posts in our school.



Our Form 5 students achieve remarkable results with a pass rate of 94% in 5 subjects or more in the HKCE Exam.

Our Form 6 Arts and Science classes are filled entirely by our own Form 5 graduates.



At ED’s request, an additional Form 6 Science class is opened. Hence, we have 2 science classes and 1 arts class in Form 6.

The pass rate of our students in the HKCE Exam remains at over 90%.



Establishment of the Student Union.

Full implementation of the symmetrical class structure, with only five classes of Form 5 sitting for the HKCE Exam for the first time.

The half-yearly school magazine ’Ringing Voice’ makes its debut.

A series of events are organized in celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the founding of our school.

The POCA donates to the installation of air-conditioners in the two additionalclassrooms.

Mr. Chan Shiu Kei is promoted to Deputy Principal.



The alumni association is set up. At the dinner party in celebration of the school’s 15th Anniversary, over 20 tables of guests and participants share the joy of the evening.


25 Form 5 students enter for the HKCEE subject of ‘Travel and Tourism’ and obtain 9 Credits and 2 Distinctions out of a total of only 3 Distinctions for Hong Kong. The Sing Tao Daily published a special report on our students’exceptional results.



The first inter-class student-teacher round-the-campus race.

Over 30 students and teachers joined a 2-day study tour to Dongguan-Humen-Shenzhen.

As water seeps through the ceiling and concrete peels off, the HKCE Exam scheduled to take place in our school hall has to be held elsewhere.



The Principal Mr.Chan Shiu Ming retires and Deputy Principal Mr. Lee Man Piu takes his place.



Form 1 classes begin the use of Chinese as the teaching medium. An expatriate English teacher Mr. Stephen Woods is recruited.


Establishment of the Parent-Teacher Association.

Setting up of a woodwind orchestra.



The school hall, all classrooms and special rooms have been fully air-conditioned, a great improvement to the learning environment.

The Form 6 ASL subject of Computer Studies is introduced to both the arts and the science classes.



The entire school computer system is networked and all computers are linked to the Internet.


A second expatriate English teacher Ms E Cottone is recruited.

Principles of Accounts is introduced to the Form 4 arts classes.

A school social worker is permanently stationed at school.

Staff room C is opened in addition to the two current staff rooms.


The Multimedia Learning Centre is formally opened to use.



Renovation of the outer walls of the school buildings.


Under the Secondary School Places Allocation System this year, our school is allocated 197 Band 1 students and only 3 Band 2 students.

Our Form 5 students this year achieve outstanding results, with Yu Wong Li obtaining 7 Distinctions, another student obtaining 5 Distinctions and 1 Credit, and three others 4 Distinctions.


Principles of Accountsis introduced to the Form 4 science classes.

Our school is one of the twelve ‘using Chinese as teaching medium’ schools with the permission to use English as the teaching medium in Form 4.

The government provides some 40 million dollars for school renovation and enhancement projects.


The Education Department rates our school as afully enhanced

value-added school.



Under the Secondary School Places Allocation System this year, our school is allocated 198 Band 1 students and only 2 Band 2 students.


Principles of Accounts is introduced to Form 6.
First publication of a regular newsletter “Ringing Ten”. It appears once in 10 days.


The government provides more than 40 million dollars for the enhancement of school facilities, including new ones like a Computer Aided Learning centre, a language laboratory, a performing arts centre, a recreational activities centre, study rooms, a reception room for parents, a meeting room for teachers and students, a teaching and research room for teachers, the latest standard classrooms, extension of the library, staff rooms and other renovated facilities. Major construction works include an additional floor on the roof and a new 5-storey extension at the southeast corner of the campus.


Once again, our school is appraised as a fully enhanced value-added school. Various value-added data put our school at the top of schools in the district.



Mr. Chiu Chi Cheong, who has been School Supervisor since 1995, resigns owing to heavy public duties. The POCA Executive Committee accepts his resignation and Mr. Chiu Chi Hung replaces him as Supervisor.


During the SARS period, the whole school takes concerted and effective steps to confront the epidemic and maintains the smooth running of the school.


Our PTA Chairlady Ms. Kwong Yuk Ha is invited to attend the meeting of the Tsuen Wan District Board“Pedestrian Footbridge Network Working Group”on June 25th to discuss the issue of building footbridges around our school. On behalf of 3,500 citizens, Ms Kwong reiterates their objection. The Working Group therefore unanimously resolves to demand the authority concerned to review and amend its design of Section B of the footbridge. The threat of having footbridges fencing in our school is removed, thanks to the teachers, students, parents, alumni and neighbours who signed up against the project.


The Education Bureau commissions the University of Hong Kong to study the successful experiences of Hong Kong secondary schools in adopting English instruction. The purpose is to find out the most effective ways and policies to raise students’English standard and recommend them to other schools. Our school is chosen as one of the “schools with significant progress in English standard”.



In celebration of our school’s 25th Anniversary, a concert is held at the Concert Hall, Tsuen Wan Townhall on 26th April. Our students present their prize-winning performances in inter-school contests in the form of singing, instrumental performances and recitations. The event is recorded on CDs and VCDs.


Alumni Prof. Shum Ping (Class 6B, 1987) is offered the Singapore“Young Scientists Award”.


Our teacher Miss Lo Yuk Fong is offered the“HKSAR Chief Executive’s Outstanding Teachers Award (English Subject)”


The ‘25th AnniversaryHanging Garden’ is constructed on the rooftop to beautify the campus and to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of our school as well as the completion of the school extension.

The Silver Jubilee Race is held on November 12th as a celebration of the school’s 25th Anniversary and to attract students to physical exercises for body-strengthening. It draws active participation of students and teachers and enthusiastic response from neighbouring residents.


VeteranSchool Director, and practising lawyer, Mr.Tang Yiu Hung becomes President of POCA and School Supervisor.



The Education Bureau introduces to the public schools that have successfully promoted English Language learning in relation to government consultation on the medium of instruction. Our school’s “Lunchtime English Bazaar”, a series of lunchtime English practice activities to complement the formal English curriculum, is highly recommended by the Education Bureau.


The Education Bureau’s School Inspection Team paid a 5-day visit to our school and assessed us in 4 major areas. A report issued on March 7th highly recommended us. Our students’performance and achievements are even given the top grade of “Distinction”.

Prof. Tsui and Prof. Tongof the HKU School of Education studied the teaching and learning of English in our school between mid-2003 and September 2004. A report released recently praises our approach.


The POCA Executive Committee treats all students and staff to a sumptuous lunch in recognition of their efforts and achievements on the occasion of our school’s 25th Anniversary. In the same evening, the Board of Directors holds a feast at the Sheung Shui HK Jockey Club Beas River Country Club as a gesture of congratulations and thanks to all teachers.

Our school receives $300,000 from the Quality Education Fund for enhancing educational facilities. We will spend the sum to install more computers, printers and IT equipment, to benefit students as well as improve administration efficiency.



Our students stand out in the 57th HK Schools’Speech Festival competitions, winning 15 championships, 11 first runners-up and 18 second runners-up.


Our school and the HK University of Science and Technology co-organize“A Study of the Pearl River Delta’s Economy, Technology and Culture”80 students and teachers spend their Easter holidays at the HKUST Nansha IT Park on active learning for 3 days and 2 nights.


Since the banding of students for secondary school placement was modified from 5 bands to 3, our Form 1 students have reached Form 5 this year and passed the HKCE Exam with a 60% increase in the number of Credits and Distinctions obtained. They got 77“A”s in all, the highest number so far.



In the first parent-child school visit day to provide visitors a glimpse of secondary school life, our students explain their firsthand experiences to pupils and parents of primary schools where our students came from.


The TVB filming crew comes to film our English lessons on location to find out how our school makes use of Dramatic English/English drama lessons to raise the students’English standard.


With the reform of the grading system for the 2007 HKCEE Chinese and English subjects, nearly 100% of our candidates attain Grade 2 or above in English and the pass rate rises by over 10%.



Our school nominates students for the Education Bureau’s Support Measures for the Exceptionally Gifted Students Scheme. Our students are admitted after screening to enhancement programmes in leadership, mathematics, the sciences and the humanities.


Accompanied by two Education Department officials, a dozen Singaporean secondary and primary principals pay a visit to our school for the exchange of educational experiences.


Over 60 of our Form 6 students have a study tour to Wuyi, Guangdong Province for 3 days and 2 nights to understand the relationship between economic development and environmental policies in the mainland.


AlumnusYiu Chun Kan (Class 7B, 2007) was chosen as one of the 2008 Olympics torch-bearers. He got the most public votes, topping hundreds of contestants. In the Olympics torch relay on May 2nd, he takes up the 18th leg along the Tsing-Ma Bridge.


The Ming Pao Daily of 13th October has a full-page article introducing the orientation and strategy of our school’s English instruction. This arouses great interest in the educational circle.

Mr.Chan Fook Lam becomes School Supervisor.



Alumni Lin Wah Wing and Choi Wing Pong (1995 7C) co-founded an enterprise with products selling worldwide. The company receives the highest “Award of the Year”of the Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology Awards.


Ten professors of the College of Education of the American Texas A & M University visit us to learn about our school from our principal and students and discuss the development strategies for Eastern and Western educational systems in the age of globalization.


Our school has spent $400,000 this year to install visualizers in all classrooms and renew a dozen computer image projectors.


Alumnus Ng Ka Chun (2004) upon graduation entered the Music Composition Department of the HK Academy of Performing Arts. He has joined many competitions and won hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prizes and scholarships. At theAsian Composers League Conference in Korea on 29th March 2009, he won the Championship of the “Young Composers Award” with his work.


The Form 1 Placement statistics of 2008 and 2009 determine the number of classes employing the English teaching medium in a school. As 90% of our Form 1 students in these two years belong to the top 40% of the best performing students in Hong Kong, our school is permitted to use English as the teaching medium for all our five Form 1 classes, and the whole school will become an EMI school by 2010,



All our Form 4 and Form 6 students join a 3-day-2-night “Pearl River Delta Study Tour”as their field trip for the Liberal Studies subject, so that they can gain a deeper understanding of the mainland.



The 30th School Anniversary Concert is held at the Tsuen Wan Townhall Concert Hall on the 31st of this month.



The 30th School Anniversary Banquet cum Graduation Dinner is held in the school campus. Over 600 participants including the supervisor, directors, principal, teachers, alumni, students, parents and guardians have a joyous evening.



Mr.Lee Man Piu retires as Principal and Mr.Chung Fat Shing becomes the new Principal.



Our student Wong Wan Yin chosen as the “Polar Conservation Ambassador”braved the elements in the Antarctic for 18 days to study the ecology and do scientific research.  She is the first Asian secondary student to join the Antarctic research team.



Under the Voluntary Optimization of Class Structure Scheme, the current 5 classes of Form 1 will be reduced to 4 classes next year.



After our school has become an EMI School last year, student enrolment has been promising. All the Form 1 students admitted are of Band 1 students.

2012 June

Our F7 students this year managed good results again in the final Hong Kong A-level Examinations with an overall passing rate far beyond the overall passing rate of Hong Kong.


Our Form 6 students this year managed good results in the first HKDSE examinations with an overall passing rate far beyond the overall passing rate of all Hong Kong candidates. Moreover, 72.8% percent of our students scored abovethe undergraduate requirements set by universities while the Hong Kong average was only 37.7%.

2013 June Our Form 4 student Yiu Wai Huen has won two champions in the International Dancing Competition in London.

Our Form 6 students this year managed good results in the second HKDSE examinations with an overall passing rate far beyond the overall passing rate of all Hong Kong candidates. Moreover, 76.3% percent of our students scored abovethe undergraduate requirements set by universities while the Hong Kong average was only 38.9%.

2014 Jan Eight graduates with outstanding academic performance were placed on the Dean's List and were awarded scholarships in The University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University.
  Sept Visual Arts is added to the Form 4 NSS curriculum.
  Nov To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Po On Commercial Association, a banquet was held for all the staff of the POCA Secondary School and POCA Primary School.
2015 July To celebrate the 35th anniversary of our school, an art exhibition was held in the Tsuen Wan Town Hall in July.